Phonar Loudspeaker Veritas s8 NEXT






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The Veritas s8 NEXT is an excellent quality actively controlled high-end subwoofer. The solid internally braced housing and excellent acoustic insulation serve to counteract resonance.


The Class D high-power amplifier is controlled by a digital signal processor (DSP), with which it is possible to make specific adjustments for the room acoustics, the other speakers in the chain, and the listener’s personal sound preferences.


The subwoofer amplifier has high and low level inputs, so that it can be directly connected to an amplifier output or pre-amp, or a Dolby digital decoder. A subwoofer mono signal can be gained from the stereo output signal using an internal “buzzer”. The dynamic behaviour is excellent and the control of the 25 cm ScanSpeak basses is guaranteed by means of a high damping factor.


Power 250 / 320 W
Phase-adjustable 0/180°
Level regulator remote control
Frequency range 20 - 200 Hz
Crossover Frequency 40 - 120 Hz (active control)
Autotimer at 10 mV
max. acoustic pressure 112 dB (1m)
Bass 250 mm
Dimensions: H x W x D 465 x 358 x 400mm
Weight 26 kg
Construction 1 way


Finish: black, silver.

Extra charge: black or white piano lacquer.



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