Phonar Loudspeaker Veritas c4 NEXT

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With c4 NEXT you are part of the action that unfolds on screen. The sound centre emphasises the pictures with such quality that home cinema becomes a real audio-visual experience.


The sloping front baffle allows the sound to make its way straight to the listener’s ears. The symmetrical arrangement of the speakers produce ideal directional characteristics, which are particularly important for the sound reproduction of a centre speaker.

Power 115 / 160 W
Efficiecy 91 dB (1 W/1m)
Frequency range 45 - 27.000 Hz
Crossover Frequency 2.900 Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm
Tweeter 27 mm
Deep-/Midrange 2x 130 mm
Dimensions: H x W x D 159 x 540 x 340mm
Weight 13 kg
Construction 2 ways

Finish: black, silver.

Extra charge: black or white piano lacquer.